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1 month ago
China: The Chinese government has announced that it will be conducting military exercises near Taiwan next week. The exercises are seen as a show of force in response to the US decision to sell arms to Taiwan.

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6 months ago
China-Taiwan Tensions Rise, Sparking Fears of Military Conflict: Tensions escalate between China and Taiwan, raising concerns about potential military confrontation and its global impact. #InternationalNews
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6 months ago
#PDF_Download The World According to China by Elizabeth C. Economy

An economic and military superpower with 20 percent of the world's population, China has the wherewithal to transform the international system. Xi Jinping's bold calls for China to lead in the reform of the global governance system, suggest that he has just such an ambition. And his iron grip on power in the wake of the 2022 Party Congress suggests that he now has the mandate. But how does he plan to realize it? And what does it mean for the rest of the world? In this compelling book, Elizabeth Economy reveals China's ambitious new strategy to reclaim the country's past glory and reshape the geostrategic landscape in dramatic new ways. Xi's vision is one of Chinese centrality on the global stage, in which the mainland has realized its sovereignty claims over Hong Kong, Taiwan and the South China sea, deepened its global political, economic, and security reach through its grand scale Belt and Road Initiative, and u

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